Sunday, 28 October 2012

Frustration - Brass Grips

Last weekend I went off to the Cranbourne Swap Meet about a dozen stalls, pathetic.  Picked up a Lucas headlight grill, in the hopes that it would fit my head lamp as the other one I got was just off.
Well no luck there was way too big for the bates and ½" too small for the stock XS one.

Going to have to come up with some cool idea to make some thing else out of these.

Well this morning got up at 5am and rode over to Kev's got him to drag the Kwakka nine out and we rode up to the Yarra Valley Swapmeet.  Again fairly small but some really cool stuff to look at, lots of vintage car gear and stationary engines. A few hot rods in the parking lot.

Came home empty handed.  There was three things I wanted a metal docking saw $60 but it had a cast iron base and I couldn't lift the damn thing!  A sandblasting cabinet on stand complete set up with gun, again $60, and a large parts washing bench.  None of this was coming home on the bike so i had to pass on it.

When I got home everyone was still asleep so I headed down to potter in the shed. Have been thinking about making some brass grips for a long long time now.  So cut of a length of brass round and had at it.

The internal diameter needs to be very accurate you want a good close fit to the bars. Of course nothing ever goes smoothly and I don't have a large drill to hollow out the grips and I don't have a long narrow boring bar. So in summary my largest drill is to small for the boring bar head!!!!

I have a short stubby large drill so I was able to bore out to a 2" depth which is half way. then there is a step.

I have to grid the back edge of the boring bar and round it off for clearance and take a little off the head.   Of course I'm still waiting on getting my grinder back with the new plug wired in from my Brother in Law…….So packed it in for the day.

Pretty happy with the result so far, hopefully I can get around to use Hap's grinder at his place tomorrow then finish these off during the week.

Should look cool with the brass risers I made.