Thursday, 29 November 2012

Last Breath

Went for a ride today to meet up with a bloke and get a cast resin Tiki.  Got to have a good chat about casting and that I want to make some cast tail light lenses at some stage.

On the way back I had to switch to reserve. Would you believe it there were no petrol stations for ages and the one I did pass was on the opposite side and no place I could cross over.  I knew there was one not too much further on the main road. The bike started running rough and then it stalled at the lights. Two more sets of light till I get to the servo.  Though if I can get a green on the next one I might make it..Nope no F-N luck she gasps her last breath & dies.  Now just to paint the picture here I'm in my motorcycle boots (made for riding not walking), black kelvar jeans, and leather jacket…….It is also 38Deg (Celsius) today!

So I had to walk about 1km to the servo and I am dying in the heat dripping sweat and cursing my luck and the F-N last red light.

So I bought 5lites of fuel & the jerry can I put it in……$7 fuel +$20 jerry can.

Well to top it off the Asian Man behind the counter says to me in broken english" Why you not put petrol before you bike stop??"………….I dunno cos I like torturing myself in this heat?? Test my endurance?  

When you think the world is shit and full of assholes, someone surprises you.  

A bloke who had just walked out of the shop walks back in and asks me if I need a lift.  Didn't hesitate before answering that be awesome!

A big Thanks goes out to Dave from Vicroads Surface testing in Burwood! Saw a stranger buying a Jerry Can & Gas in my leathers and dripping in sweat, asked if he needed a lift, even though he was going in the opposite direction. 

To Dave I say Cheers mate in this heat your a lifesaver. Not too many people would have stepped up for a stranger like that.

Dave your a top bloke and thank you!!!

If anyone happens to know Dave can you buy him a cold beer for me cos I didn't get a chance!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Bendigo Swap Meet

Was pretty disappointed in the Bendigo Swap. Largely seemed like brick-a-brack and junk. Very little in anything useable or worthwhile. Although I went with a wad of cash and a big list, I came home with little swag and most of my cash.

I did pick up a parting tool holder, a length of aluminium round stock, a few misc petrol caps, a late model 9/16 bore HD M/C, a bandsaw, and a linisher. How ever being Australia's biggest swap meet I was counting on coming home with most of the parts to finish my build off and more.   I think the Ballart Swap is better and often some of the smaller swamps offer better deals, in less time.

Saw a lot of these about but this was by far the best. Forget running the little sucker it just make an awesome shelf warmer. Work of Art.

Saw this cool Pan with really nice lines, but seriously over kill on the pike nuts. every single nut and bolt on this bike was a chrome pike! A few feature pikes no problem but this just dominated.  Oh and it was fresh import from USA and asking $28,000 AUD which is ridiculous. 

Ha picked up the Mig on the left and I nabbed the bandsaw.   The bloke happened to be local so we even got free delivery!! Unfortunately the gas bottle wasn't included as we thought, and the bandsaw may need some electrical work. But still got them at good enough prices not to worry too much.  I also found a pedestal linisher and got this fella to deliver it also...

Before heading home from Bendigo we stopped past my mate Kev's  folks place to check out his vintage car restos.

It looked a bit like a car hospital with the curtains for each individual vehicle,  5 in total with one on the way.
Very high quality work and yes you can hire them for a wedding but just for the photos but no one can sit in them or touch them.  Yes he is a bit anal but he knows it and you could eat of the workshop floor!