Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Mass

Sunday's Inspirational……

Most amazing Paint!!!!! Friggin love this……..

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Explosive XS

My mate is shifting house so I went over there again to lend a hand we loaded up all the lathe and all the shop large shop equipment.

Getting ready to leave and I notice the muffler bolt is loose, so grab a wrench to tighten it back up. Check the other side whooops it's already gone!

Anyway was ready to head off home….Had a bit of a back fire out the carbs.. Then spent a few min trying to kick start her and elec start….nada!  I'm cursing the bike and my mate walks over …..Whoooa that was some back fire……I get off the bike and both carbs are just hangin there..

The back fire blew the carbs clean off………

Grab a screw driver fit the carbs back on, kick fires first go!

Gotta love these old gals, if you don't keep an eye on them they'll vibrate them selfs apart if the don't blow em selves up first!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

Deus Bali

I love this et up these guys have! Will definitely have to visit while in Bali………Other than I don't surf these guys are living my dream. 
A virtual tour of the Aussie workshop in Canggu, Bali

Custom bike shop, clothes, photo studio, bar………

and where I will find them, posted this here so I know where to look for it in two'n a half weeks...

Office - +62 361 368 3386
Restaurant - +62 361 368 3385
Bengkel (workshop) - +62 361 368 3395

Blog -
General Inquiries -

Biker Bali…….

Well the Missus comes home last night and say she has been gossiping at work and everyone is going away for the holidays over Xmas & NYE ……..Why the hell shouldn't we…We need a break with all the shit goin on at the moment……...But because we are poor and tight asses we need to go someplace cheap!

Although the flights will be expensive the food accommodation and shopping is dirt cheap!
We stay in $20-$40/night two star accommodation which ain't fancy! But as long as the bed is comfortable, it has a fan or better aircon and the dunny is clean. It will do.

The place my mate recommended was $250/Night off peak season and shit it was nice, looked like something out of Vogue magazine, rose petals in the bath, all fancy'n stuff but we can't afford that.

So she booked two tickets to Bali for 8 Days!

First thing on my mind is where can I get some cool biker gear on the cheap while in Bali??

I'm thinking a leather biker chain wallet, maybe a summer bike jacket, and some biker rings, T-shirts etc???

So if anyone has some suggestions love to hear about them or general travel experiences in Bali!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rusty Metric

I found out about this great little Digital Magazine "Rusty Metric".  It was a great read and was looking forward to issue #2.  Unfortunately there will be no second issue.

Here is a link to the original…. If you like it I suggest you get on to the guys, show'em some support and offer a few quid to buy issue #2 and maybe with enough support they will publish it.


The Arm….

Spent the morning in the Dr's consulting rooms and just got back in time to hide from the midday heat 31Deg Celsius.  Having just come out a cold snap it feels more like 45Deg.  As summer rocks it's way in and we get the 40+ Days. Today's weather will seem perfect!

Anyway after waiting over an hour for my 11:20 appointment, I spent 15 min with the specialist and got billed $180.00 for my time.  Love how it works, don't you?  Your time is worthless, they can run as late as they like but theirs is worth more than gold!

Any way the good news is the tears and damage to my bicep is all healed and I can start hitting the gym with the help of a little rehab!  Apparently even though both arms look the same size the left bicep is considerably weaker and doesn't respond to training as well with strength gains. This is possibly the reason I injured it i the first place.  So from now on it gets extra work!  Keep up slacker!

After 6mths or so out of the gym I must say I'm a little embarrassed to take my fat gut and puny body back there……….

 Here are a few photos from the start of the year. I was about 86Kg then and I got up to 98kg (lean) before I got injured, which was my all time peak!  No one took any photos of me after these…..

It will be a while before I can lift like this again! 
Some random shot of my Miss'us I just found.

Her work Xmas Bash last week.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Yes Sarge!

Bit of retouching work I did today. wasn't the look I had in mind when I started but took a different direction with it and think it came up pretty good.

Got a shoot coming up and was testing out some effects for the post edit, procrastinating from the retouching jobs I am supposed to actually be working on for a deadline tomorrow.

Red  hair in all shades from deep burgundy to fiery orange always shoots a treat. Love it.