Monday, 30 May 2011

The Naked Lady…..

Rode her home, was gentle with her as it was our first time……….
She was a bit scary as the bars flopped around like a wet fish….. I think the Risers have a stripped thread so they don't clamp properly, she farts a lot and loud, a I couldn't find her spot……..No idea where she is hiding neutral……..  A lot will need to be done for RWC, more than I was expecting.

The naked lady I guess this is why the bike was naked this.  Front fender graphic., love it or hate it.

Did the 74 come with win front disks????? I seam to have un used tabs on the left fork? What happened here….ideas??

Need dust caps needed

Oil cooler?

Needs a good strip and polish…The cable covers are perished and cracked so have to be replaced.

A bit of condensation in the speedo…  Also the speedo blocks the view of the high beam indicator on headlight, another RWC issue. Also the headlight has blown and the lens in foggy.  It is a bates headlight and may need a new lens for RWC, I am hoping it will just polish up.

These mirrors are useless, can't see a thing in them and they keep dropping, won't hold position. The also have ugly plastic chrome eagles on the back.

The Switch box, took a phone call to the previous owner to get it sorted and started.

The solo seat…….Might be able to use the seat for a chop and the aluminium as the base for a cafe seat??

I'm watching you

May have to swap these pipes for the stock ones on the gold bike just for RWC, these are loud………I like it :-)
Rear mag with drum brake, I didn't know they came with these..

Got this decommissioned lil red thing last night, thought I could chop it up for a oil tank style electrical box?

Please leave comments, and thoughts…..Cheers.

There here!

3 Amigos arrived today. Had to get up at sparrows fart, and hitch a ride out to my Sister's farm where the bikes were delivered, along with a box.

Hmmmm what is in the box???

Double seat bike…..Original seat off the flame bike, looking a bit sad. No brakes hooked up and flat tyres made this one fun to get off the back of the tilt tray truck.

More parts, and the indicators which will have to go back on for roadworthy certificate before I can register.
Irony….I got a Clymer Manual with the parts….The exact same edition as the one I recently bought.
Few original headlights in there also.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Only a few more days!!

Two outta 3 loaded….As long as that car stays up  >  I should have the bikes in Melb, Monday/Tuesday! 

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I want to smooth out the welds on my pipes so I need to find me 3m pad for the angle grinder to smooth them out that way. Or maybe sandpaper starting with a heavy grit like 80 or 100 and working my way to a smoother grit like to 600-800. So 100-200-400-600 and if need be 800 grit. 

The other thought was a flapper wheel?

I also need to get a step drill 4mm-30mm in 2mm steps.  I can use that on the brass heat shields and when I have to start making brackets.

I can mess with these items for now.

First step when then bikes arrive is to get the flame bike registered and the original seat back on it. This will get me mobile.

Second step is to get the gold bike rewired, and running, or the Black bikes tin back on and get it running, which ever is easier!

Once that happens I have options to stay mobile while I start moding the bikes.

The gold bike is headed for a cafe. Which will mean, it gets the Benelli tank and a cafe seat, either clubmans or clip on bars. Tin will be painted black and pinstriping gold to match the frame.  This is where it might stay for a while until I get more funds.

Then the fun really starts with the chopper design I started out to do. 

Found some interesting info on the Benelli Tank:


There coming…………3 Amigos

Bikes depart from Hervey Bay QLD at 2pm today…….finally after all the mucking around the 3 amigos start the journey to Melbourne for a make over and new life.

Apparently George put the bikes back together (not running) to save some space and boxes. Which is cool as  it will make life easier for me to know what belongs to each bike.

Got a 28 Day unregistered vehicle permit from Vic roads, so I can ride the "Naked Lady" as the previous owner calls her, aka Flame Bike, home and get her RWC & reg.  Of course Vic roads didn't email out the permit I have to carry on me.  They did however charge my credit card.  I also lodged a query via the website, as I didn't have another hour to wait on the phone.  No response yet can take unto 7 days according to website……Great public service!

Looking forward to finally getting to make a start on the bikes, even if it is cold and wet……not much fun for riding but have been a full time rider before. I will get used to it……..Good thing about wearing a helmet, easier to ignore the missus complaining about the cold! heh heh

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brass Shields

Starting on the heat shields for the pipes.

Curved brass to match the custom pipes.  See previous posts for pics.
Start Point

Wrapped in Masking tape to protect from scratches

Marked out dead centre for split line.  Height gauge didn't go low enough so sat it on a small surface plate on the surface plate table.

Split line
Here marked the scribed line in with red pen.

Selection of large drills. Not sure any of them are the right sizes, Murphy's Law.
31/64, ½, ⅝, 19mm with morse taper (Might be able to take the drill chuck out and swap the bit in.  The big one is 38.5mm which I think it too big.

When curved the pipe has been stretched and squashed. See drawing above.
Crap..I got the dimensions around the wrong way in the diagram

You can see here the variation between the unbent section and the cubed section.
Not sure where to go from here.

A. Split the pipe into the two halves then drill
B. Drill before splitting

Both have pros and cons.  With Splitting the pipe into the two halves then drilling, the pipe has more structural integrity and less likely to collapse. However if I drill first then the two halves will be identical.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hidden Surprises…….

Got a few surprises in the post the other day!

Two boxes from different places.
 in USA.

 Was expecting the Ducati Tank, which was new old stock. However I wasn't expecting it to come with some nice Italian grips, A spark plug, Battery box rubber, Engine mounts, chrome exhaughst  strut, fender strut, few bolts etc.

 My Yamaha/Harley adapter sprocket
 The custom pipes I designed and made for me by the amazing Scott at Gordon Scott Engineering.  See my links!