Monday, 30 September 2013

The Process

After the molasses and a bit of a scrub.

Rehabbing the post. With a run on the 8" grinder & wire wheel then a light sand in the lathe it has cleaned up but is still pitted in sections. I can live with it in the condition it's in. Can't look like new, needs a little life to show in it.


Main body in the Electrolysis bath.  Took several days, removed and cleaned then put back.
The spindle, and main gear are still stuck fast, Tighter than the proverbial Nun's C#$%

 Molasses and Electrolysis gave similar results the difference being the time factor. Neither will affect areas which have heavy grease and dirt build up. So a good scrub and degreaser is required first.

On the other hand a wire wheel rips into it.

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