Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Doug DoRr

Met Doug from Orange County, last night. He is in australia for an exhibition tour around Oz, promoted by Tony & Co. over at Kustom Lane Gallery. I suggest you get on down and check it out.
Here are my  first attempts at pinstriping. All done freehand, no grids, or predrawing.
1,2,3, are mine and the last one is Doug showing me how it should look.

Surprisingly the consistency of the different colors of the paint was inconsistent and thinning them is not so easy to get the correct flow when pulling lines.  For me this was the biggest factor in a good line and a bad line.

Some tips I picked up from Doug.

  • Beginners should never pinstripe on primer, it's too rough and difficult
  • Never use Oneshot and clear coat over it.  The oneshot will crinkle, always use on top.
  • Practice with the paint you will work with, so you learn how it pulls
  • House of Kolor can be painted over with clear coat. But it is very different to paint with and expensive.
  • If you do a gas tank, especially a motorcycle. Get a signed waiver that it was done right. Cos after they spill petrol all over the fresh pinstripe they tend to blame you.
  • Practise, Practise, Practise.

Here is some samples of Doug's work


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