Saturday, 29 October 2011

Road Trip…..

Had a photo shoot for a calendar to do and the artists & models were all booked for a location a few hrs ride from me. So I packed the bike with as much camera gear and studio lighting I could fit. The only personal items packed were a fresh Tshirt, change of sox & jox, and my trusty tooth brush.

A few hitch hikers picked up along the road.

Need to adjust the floats I think, …todo list item number 36838389

Stooped at a truck stop for some gas in the tank to make sure I made the distance.
Some shots from the store.

Met a nice retired couple at the pumps, he had a massive touring bike with a sheep skin seat which my sore ass was envious of at this point. She was riding the biggest scooter of all time.  It was the like the starship enterprise.  She had racked up a lot of Km's on the scooter and had been a mbike rider for years but wanted to finish out her career on one of these monsters. 

Stopped at a second truck stop, last one on the Hwy before my turn off for a piss stop and some tucker.  Was wrapped to find I could get a Gluten free ham, cheese & tomato toasted sannga.
While waiting for my lunch in walked the retired couple, The fella said g'day and said to his wife hey look it's the guy with the loud pipes!…….She came over for a chat and told me even though she knew I was there when I kick the bike she jumped with fright from the sound….Clasisc!

Shot from the balcony from the haunted hotel I stayed in.  it had a colorful past, brothel, morgue , fire, and , partial collapse were all amongst the stories with historic photos on the wall depicting the buildings long and troubled history.

Morning of day two, slept crap, maybe the ghosts were kicking me all night?

Can't share any photos of the shoot due to exclusivity contracts, maybe after the calendar is released.

Lots of high speed Hwy Km's, long bumpy dirt back roads, the odd wild animal to dodge and my bike arrive round trip home with all it luggage strapped on the home made sissy bar.

However the bike didn't fair so well :-(  came home short a parts……...

Back home missing a few parts...

Managed to get another Old Style Lucas tail light to replace my Mc Gyver duct tape job!…….Fix anything or build a  space shuttle with this stuff and a few twigs.

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