Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dawn 611 Post Drill Bearings

I was recently asked on a question on this thread post :

Resurrection. of a Dawn 611

Hi there. Nice article (and drill!) I not long ago purchased one my self, although it doesnt have the variations like yours does. I was wondering if you could provide me with some information regarding the thrust washer assembly, as mine is completely cactus. All I have left is a very worn disc that contacts the down feeder, the top washer for the thrust bearing, a very worn thrust bearing, a whole heap of chewed metal (presumably the lower washer for the thrust bearing) and the split washer that locates in the drill spindle. My question is whether I am missing anything else that needs replacing? Any info would be much appreciated. 

HI Ryan thanks for visiting.

There were two variations. One has a fibre washer which basically acted as a clutch plate.
The second variation the two steel plates had a very slight groove and a bunch of small ball bearings in some thick grease.

Basically two matching discs (Top & Bottom), Either a fibre dis or bunch of ball bearings. Then two half moon washers which hold the spindle inside the coupler.
These both can be replaced with a modern thrust bearing case. There is a replacement bearing available. Part no. 51102 from many suppliers around. I have replaced some of mine with these.

As I can't post images in my response I thought I'd add some images in a post.

New 51102 Thrust Bearing

Original showing fibre disc version
Hopefully Ryan will come back an get an update.

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