Thursday, 27 February 2014

The little Beastie - Camel Back Drill

I picked up this drill last weekend.  It is made by RSB..

The lower section of the pillar should be polished, it has currently been painted. It is a bearing surface for the table so slide on and rotate so I will strip it back again.

The same with the raised centre of the table, although I would like to have that ground, so it is true, flat and perpendicular to the column/drill bit.

 Was probably imported into Australia and retailed by Miller & Co (Machinery) Pty Ltd Machinery Specialists South Melbourne & Bendigo as per the brass plaque.
Looking for any info related to either of these companies which may help in identifying the drill with the intention of getting it back to original state.

Can't seem to find any info what so ever on her.
Nor can I find one of the same design. Most are an upside down L shape not F shape like this or they have the Y shape with the pulleys running horizontal across the top.
It is also an unusual size from the others I have seen are much smaller or huge at full size.

This lathe has the same Branding.

Any info that can be provided on this Drill or RSB please contact me.

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