Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Arm….

Spent the morning in the Dr's consulting rooms and just got back in time to hide from the midday heat 31Deg Celsius.  Having just come out a cold snap it feels more like 45Deg.  As summer rocks it's way in and we get the 40+ Days. Today's weather will seem perfect!

Anyway after waiting over an hour for my 11:20 appointment, I spent 15 min with the specialist and got billed $180.00 for my time.  Love how it works, don't you?  Your time is worthless, they can run as late as they like but theirs is worth more than gold!

Any way the good news is the tears and damage to my bicep is all healed and I can start hitting the gym with the help of a little rehab!  Apparently even though both arms look the same size the left bicep is considerably weaker and doesn't respond to training as well with strength gains. This is possibly the reason I injured it i the first place.  So from now on it gets extra work!  Keep up slacker!

After 6mths or so out of the gym I must say I'm a little embarrassed to take my fat gut and puny body back there……….

 Here are a few photos from the start of the year. I was about 86Kg then and I got up to 98kg (lean) before I got injured, which was my all time peak!  No one took any photos of me after these…..

It will be a while before I can lift like this again! 
Some random shot of my Miss'us I just found.

Her work Xmas Bash last week.

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