Friday, 9 December 2011

Biker Bali…….

Well the Missus comes home last night and say she has been gossiping at work and everyone is going away for the holidays over Xmas & NYE ……..Why the hell shouldn't we…We need a break with all the shit goin on at the moment……...But because we are poor and tight asses we need to go someplace cheap!

Although the flights will be expensive the food accommodation and shopping is dirt cheap!
We stay in $20-$40/night two star accommodation which ain't fancy! But as long as the bed is comfortable, it has a fan or better aircon and the dunny is clean. It will do.

The place my mate recommended was $250/Night off peak season and shit it was nice, looked like something out of Vogue magazine, rose petals in the bath, all fancy'n stuff but we can't afford that.

So she booked two tickets to Bali for 8 Days!

First thing on my mind is where can I get some cool biker gear on the cheap while in Bali??

I'm thinking a leather biker chain wallet, maybe a summer bike jacket, and some biker rings, T-shirts etc???

So if anyone has some suggestions love to hear about them or general travel experiences in Bali!


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  2. Dude you can check out
    theres heaps of info on Bali. Youll get everything you need/want there. After travelling there earlier this year for the 1st time I stumbled on the Deus shop just down the road from our accom. It was my 1st insight into Deus......... I hope your trip was as cool as ours!