Sunday, 20 November 2011

Design gone Viral...

One of my blog followers commented on my recent design posted…..

Now is his facebook profile pic.

It does work with his company name.  

Not a 100% original design by me I drew it in illustrator from parts I had compiled & added my touches …... So 100% my work, 50% design mine.
Don't really care that he ripped it but might have been nice to be asked or informed, in the spirit of comradere.


  1. Your totally right man. I did that real fast because as I told you I thought your design was kickass! I had and still do mean to redo it and of course use some different combination of clipart and probably not get the same effect but close. I just had been super busy first with a charity ride I was organizing and then with an event where we were a vendor. I will take if off right now if it is offending but also as i have said before you will probably see a very similar version appear as i like the relative scale of this one and the line weights.

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  3. Not offending man……..Just like to be informed….
    Keep it up…. Be interested to see your end result!

    By the way it isn't clip art…It is drawn in illustrator, I see stuff that inspires me and I redraw it. So I might see a skull someplace and I draw one similar then add a helmet to it etc. for example.