Thursday, 3 November 2011

What a disastrous Day

Had to submit a photo editing job today for a commercial studio…Tried to send it but we didn't have enough bandwidth on the internet due to having already exceeded our monthly limit.  So quickly burned it to a disc and jumped on the bike.  The missus wanted to be picked up from work so had to strp her jacket and helmet to the sissy bar and off I went.

Bike was running fine but had to switch to reserve fuel.  Got to the studio and all good there.  The el heffe came out cos he wanted to see the bike …..He found her quite novel I think.

So jump back on the bike to go collect the missus and had a bit of trouble getting it to run.

She is running like a pig.  Stalled twice and just don't sound right.  So I figure that I'm on reserve and I out of petrol.  Do a bit of a door knock till I find someone to loan me a gas can. Then take a walk to find a servo and back.  The gas can is the worst!…It leaks and more fuel was coming out from  the rim than the spout.  So less than half the fuel went in the tank the rest over it and down the motor.

Returned the can but no one was home so dropped it over the fence.

Started off and the bike still not right, idled fine but really lagging and almost stalling.  Now I am in peak hour 4 land city traffic (Hoddle St).  Anyway I start looking for issuse as I trto limp along while riding, feels like I'm only running on one cylinder.

I noticed a blue tube hanging.  So I pulled over..Some one has ripped the sparkplug wire out of the cap.

Quick roadside fix an she runs fine……..

Got home and gave her a wash, (get all that fuel off the paint)… Fixed the plug  lead…

Never a dull moment!

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