Monday, 7 November 2011

The Freakin Weekend

Kool VW Combi Semi………looks like a 3rd world country job.  But sweet just the same.

Well I had been waiting all year for the 59 Club's "Mods vs Rockers" Ride.  Was looking forward to doin the ride, taking some cool photos and seeing Kustom Lane's end of year sale while, getting my BBQ on and listening to some  bands.  However my totally inconsiderate missus decides to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.  This is the only person I know who can stretch a birthday over three entire days!!

It was her Birthday Sat but she had an engagement to go to sat night.  So she had a birthday lunch & cake with the Girls from work friday, followed by a family dinner Friday night, She kept me up until 3am so she could get her presents. Sat morning I cooked her Buckwheat pancakes form breakfast and gave her the rest of her presents. (5 Wrapped presents) 16 items in total…….Spoilt right!   Lunch she got her specially made cake…..Had a lot of research to find out how to make a traditional birthday cake from Mozabique.   Sat night she went out & I hit the shed until I had to go pick her up.

Need to make up or find one of these to put a old harley peg I found which matches the one on the bike, (the mate of which fell off  on the last road trip. 

Made one of these BMX freestyle pegs fit as a temporary pillion peg so she could go on the bike.  She sooks otherwise if there is no place to properly put her foot.  Kicker just clears it but have to be careful not to smash yer leg when kickin her over.

Fitted the new Lucas tail light and put a little glue on the clear number plate lens as the old one rattled out of the previous assembly.

Sunday she arranged to do a lunch with all her friends, had it been breakfast or dinner I still could have made the ride……….

Headin out for her lunch I was enviously watching all the bikes and scooters that were headin over to Brighton, we stopped in at St.Kilda.

It was a curious sight to see scooters riding on groups.  Even more so when some were flying colors.
I really wanted to take a photo but all I had was my camera phone and didn't get a chance when we hit the lights for a quick snap.

Anyway anyone ever heard of the "Scooterboys MC"?????  They had black mechanics work jackets with a yellow lettered rocker on the back.  I wonder if any the OBGs would give them grief???
Everyone say in Aus, you can't wear back patches cos you'll get yer all served up on a plate.

I reackon wear what you like.

I am a 1%er, not the outlaw kind, the other 1%er………
In fact I might be a 0.1%er the type that actually shedbuilds, rides a bike most Joe public & bikers alike find hideous, it's vintage, only 650cc, it's a Jap bike, but not a high performance crotch rocket, one the first when "Jap crap", or "Rice Burners" just went cool.

It has Harley, Triumph and other parts made to fit as well as custom and home made parts. It doesn't fit any style, it a bits-a, a mongrel, it's loud and the paint is often deemed offensive, with its old skool flames, naked woman, and fish hooks through the eyeball. Yeah it's a lowbrow artwork!
It has a cafe racer seat and a high sissy bar, wide wester bars, & a drum brake in the rear. It is the schizophrenic bike of all time.

It breaks down or pieces vibrate loose and fall off regularly, but with help of a mate I fix it in the shed.  The thing doesn't even have indicators, and has tins made from street signs. It has non standard parts from various other models and years, bits have been cut off, lost, and/or modified.

You can't buy factory OEm parts cos they don't make em any more, even if they did you couldn't just order from the catalogue as you wouldn't know if it she even had the original on her to replace.

It has no bling, billet aluminium or performance parts, no flashy flake paint and what chrome there is is rusty, and the alloy aint mirror polished its dull, grey and corroded.

But it is different, fun to ride, and mine!  It gets me around….most of the time, and I don't have to worry about it getting stolen or someone putting finger prints on it.

I also guarantee I will never park next to a bike that looks like mine cos, it would be impossible to replicate even intentionally!  I appreciate her for what she is……..My bike is unique, and so am I…….I'm the 0.1%er!

Wouldn't mind one of these work shirts…..

Messed around with some tank graffix today for the rigid.

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