Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hex Hell

Was feeling restless today and as I haven't gotten my hands on some cheap levers and m/c for 1" bars.

I decided to hit the shed and make som brass ⅞ risers to tide me over.

Well I had a few minor disasters.

Firstly I wanted the holes bored through on the flats, but due to the width of the worm gears on the four jaw chuch I couldn't get it o sit flat.  So I had to rest the vee in the groove.  This leaves less room for the holes for the clamp bolts.  Next issue was the tail stock lock came loose the bolt had gotten slack and with a bit of chatter due to the large drill went a bill haywire. Tightened her up and had another crack.

Drilled the tap hole for the clamp bolts but the clearance hole for the head walked on one side. As I said earlier rotating the bar hole from flat to vee reduced the material left.

All in all it still came up pretty good just ned to sand the chuck jaw marks out and polish her up.  The mate is half finished. Decided to see if it was going to work before I bored the second incase I needed to find another way.

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