Saturday, 10 March 2012

They day I should have stayed in bed…..

Got some work the other day at a commercial studio doing some freelance retouching…

The last few night before I had been suffering insomnia again and feeling like crap, so alarm goes off and I kick the Missus outta bed and we get ready to go to work.  Of course we are running late and I get down to the bike and she is being tempermental starting.  I realise I'm wearing my going out jeans instead of my Draggin kevlar jeans.  OK FK-IT I wearing them all my jeans will be oily and smell like petrol lol…..

So we head off and it starts raining so I pull over just down the hill to put my wets on.  Place my gloves on the tank. Pull me boots off and have one leg in the wet weather pants and I see my glove sliding off the tank like in slow motion. I'm standing on one leg no shoes and trying to pull these pants on and there is no way I can catch the glove.  No biggy right just pick it up off the road……..Well not quite i just happened to have pulled over right next to the storm water drain and the glove chose a direct course down the drain couldn't believe it!   Finish getting the wets on and cursing away.

I can see the glove down the drain but my arm is too big to fit down there so I put the Missus to work and she get her whole arm down but can't reach it.   She wants to just go home and get another pair.  No time for that and I don't want to loose this fight with the bloody glove.  I find a long stick and poke at the glove until I can turn it around and have the mouth facing me, I skewer it stick inside and pull it to safety!  Ha F-U I win!  Incredibly late now I have to really fang it, white lining down the freeway passing all the cars doing their 110km speeds. I hope there in no cops out this day, be just my luck.  
Bike starts to run a little rough and I realise I'm out of gas.   The XS has two carbs and two petcocks, I reach day and get the left switched to reserve. I'm sitting between two 4wds at this point with white line fever and as I switch the left two reserve I'm to late and the typical xs throbbing ceases and we are smoothly gliding along.  Shit how do I get us out of this.  Manage to coast back from between the 4WDs and across the remaining lanes to the road side.  I have no indicators (blinkers/flashers) to signal with and I'll be stuffed if I'm taking my hands off the bars to signal at this point!!!!!

On reserve kick her once and she is back in action, need to get to 100kmh to merge back into traffic.  As soon as I get off the freeway pull into the gas station and pay premium price for petrol.  Drop the Missus at her work and split lanes all the way to work in the peak hour bumper to bumper city traffic.

Get to work and park the bike shut down and take all the riding gear off.   Can smell petrol…

There is heavy dripping from the bottom of the left carby even though the petcock is off… Looks like they need a rebuild or the carbs do……

Oh well nothing I can do now…………..Should have stayed in bed!

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