Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brass Shields

Starting on the heat shields for the pipes.

Curved brass to match the custom pipes.  See previous posts for pics.
Start Point

Wrapped in Masking tape to protect from scratches

Marked out dead centre for split line.  Height gauge didn't go low enough so sat it on a small surface plate on the surface plate table.

Split line
Here marked the scribed line in with red pen.

Selection of large drills. Not sure any of them are the right sizes, Murphy's Law.
31/64, ½, ⅝, 19mm with morse taper (Might be able to take the drill chuck out and swap the bit in.  The big one is 38.5mm which I think it too big.

When curved the pipe has been stretched and squashed. See drawing above.
Crap..I got the dimensions around the wrong way in the diagram

You can see here the variation between the unbent section and the cubed section.
Not sure where to go from here.

A. Split the pipe into the two halves then drill
B. Drill before splitting

Both have pros and cons.  With Splitting the pipe into the two halves then drilling, the pipe has more structural integrity and less likely to collapse. However if I drill first then the two halves will be identical.


  1. The Mischief Makers3 July 2011 at 23:46

    Fill the pipe with hot wax and let it cool before drilling . This will allow you to put good pressure on your drill without distorting your pipe and the wax will not interfere with the drilling process . simply melt the wax out when you're finished .

  2. That will take a lot of wax….But could be worthwhile!