Thursday, 26 May 2011


I want to smooth out the welds on my pipes so I need to find me 3m pad for the angle grinder to smooth them out that way. Or maybe sandpaper starting with a heavy grit like 80 or 100 and working my way to a smoother grit like to 600-800. So 100-200-400-600 and if need be 800 grit. 

The other thought was a flapper wheel?

I also need to get a step drill 4mm-30mm in 2mm steps.  I can use that on the brass heat shields and when I have to start making brackets.

I can mess with these items for now.

First step when then bikes arrive is to get the flame bike registered and the original seat back on it. This will get me mobile.

Second step is to get the gold bike rewired, and running, or the Black bikes tin back on and get it running, which ever is easier!

Once that happens I have options to stay mobile while I start moding the bikes.

The gold bike is headed for a cafe. Which will mean, it gets the Benelli tank and a cafe seat, either clubmans or clip on bars. Tin will be painted black and pinstriping gold to match the frame.  This is where it might stay for a while until I get more funds.

Then the fun really starts with the chopper design I started out to do. 

Found some interesting info on the Benelli Tank:


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