Thursday, 26 May 2011

There coming…………3 Amigos

Bikes depart from Hervey Bay QLD at 2pm today…….finally after all the mucking around the 3 amigos start the journey to Melbourne for a make over and new life.

Apparently George put the bikes back together (not running) to save some space and boxes. Which is cool as  it will make life easier for me to know what belongs to each bike.

Got a 28 Day unregistered vehicle permit from Vic roads, so I can ride the "Naked Lady" as the previous owner calls her, aka Flame Bike, home and get her RWC & reg.  Of course Vic roads didn't email out the permit I have to carry on me.  They did however charge my credit card.  I also lodged a query via the website, as I didn't have another hour to wait on the phone.  No response yet can take unto 7 days according to website……Great public service!

Looking forward to finally getting to make a start on the bikes, even if it is cold and wet……not much fun for riding but have been a full time rider before. I will get used to it……..Good thing about wearing a helmet, easier to ignore the missus complaining about the cold! heh heh

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