Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Supplier phoned in dead!

On the 15th April Robert of Elswick said my order would be built early in the week and he would contact me as soon as it was completed, that was three weeks ago.  Heard nothing!!!!

Seriously this is really dragging out been trying to get this tail section from him since Feb.This really isn't satisfactory.

3months and still not even fabricated, I still have shipping time to Australia on top when it does get done. I think some sort of compensation is in order. As good as his work is, this sort of customer service and turn around is unprofessional. He has had my money in the bank earning interest all this time and was quick to ask for payment with order, no indication there was a problem with manufacturing times.

I understand he moved shop during this time, but give customers a fixed date before you ask for their money, even if it is longer than usual an stick to it. I think these are simple business principles.

You should be able to tell a customer that your flat out and expect it to take 3 months. When you say it will be done this week, get it done or at least notify the customer of the delays.

Am I being unreasonable????

Since I have e-mailled him several times for confirmation as to where my order is and had no replies I am considering opening a dispute via paypal. 

On a good note my Clymer -YAMAHA 650cc TWINS SERVICE-REPAIR-PERFORMANCE 70 - 80manual in a soft cover.  The manual has the odd mark and some dirt on the edges. It covers the YAMAHA 650cc TWINS  1970 to 1980.      $20 Delivered..

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