Monday, 30 May 2011

The Naked Lady…..

Rode her home, was gentle with her as it was our first time……….
She was a bit scary as the bars flopped around like a wet fish….. I think the Risers have a stripped thread so they don't clamp properly, she farts a lot and loud, a I couldn't find her spot……..No idea where she is hiding neutral……..  A lot will need to be done for RWC, more than I was expecting.

The naked lady I guess this is why the bike was naked this.  Front fender graphic., love it or hate it.

Did the 74 come with win front disks????? I seam to have un used tabs on the left fork? What happened here….ideas??

Need dust caps needed

Oil cooler?

Needs a good strip and polish…The cable covers are perished and cracked so have to be replaced.

A bit of condensation in the speedo…  Also the speedo blocks the view of the high beam indicator on headlight, another RWC issue. Also the headlight has blown and the lens in foggy.  It is a bates headlight and may need a new lens for RWC, I am hoping it will just polish up.

These mirrors are useless, can't see a thing in them and they keep dropping, won't hold position. The also have ugly plastic chrome eagles on the back.

The Switch box, took a phone call to the previous owner to get it sorted and started.

The solo seat…….Might be able to use the seat for a chop and the aluminium as the base for a cafe seat??

I'm watching you

May have to swap these pipes for the stock ones on the gold bike just for RWC, these are loud………I like it :-)
Rear mag with drum brake, I didn't know they came with these..

Got this decommissioned lil red thing last night, thought I could chop it up for a oil tank style electrical box?

Please leave comments, and thoughts…..Cheers.

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  1. I like the fire extinguisher idea.. I have an idea of my own for an electronics box..
    Its Robbo here btw..