Friday, 6 May 2011

Ducati Mojave 260 Tank

  • The Ducati Mojave 260 Tank arrived today, still haven't opened the box!! 
  • My Pipes are making their way here
  • The bikes are finally getting crated up, so they can get on their way
  • Still no word from Elswick Cycles, NOT HAPPY!

Until I get the bikes, or the Tail section I am kinda stuck.  Need the bike to mod the tanks (Ducati Mojave 260 Tank for cafe racer, &  Cole Foster Tank for the bobber project) so they will fit the XS, before I can paint them, do any work on the bars or headlight.  Need the tail to do any work on the fender, struts, plate bracket, taillight, or era wheel spacers and fitting.  Can't think of anything I can start on until one or the other arrives.

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