Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes XMAS came early…..

Merry F-N Xmas

Everyone loves a freebie!  After my Dremel blew I had to replace it and they gave me a free Project table for my troubles!

PMA Unused 2nd Hand…...

2nd Hand but good condition Clip ons...

Same thing guy put it on his bike but didn't like it, my gain! These were custom made in a short run by a one of the forum guys on 

So now I have clip ons, custom billet triple, mojave tank, and a doner bike, well on my way to having all the bits for the Cafe.  Just need small indicators, cafe seat, and rear cowl with fitted tail light and maybe some rear sets!!!

Funny how all this shit was ordered at different times but the door it all arrived on the same day except for one item which was sent from the same place on the same day it arrived part 1 yesterday & part 2 today?  Go figure.

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