Friday, 29 July 2011

To Do List!……..

1.  Need to quiet my pipes down so going to stick some steel wool in them and see what happens with that…..O'Skool baffles man…

Can buy stuff from the bike shop fine Stainless Steel…. I am thinking to go to Coles and see if I can get something cheap an nasty!

2. Rear Brake,  pull the rear wheel off and take a look at the hub brake see if anything has gone a miss and give it a general clean up inside. Then a good clean outside and I think I might polish the brake side cover while I'm at it.

I will also measure up the rear axle to see how it compares with what I will need for the wide rear when the time comes.

3. Front forks need new dust covers, so I am thinking of fitting gaiters instead and will replace the oil in the fork which seem to be dry currently and new fork seals.  Planing on going for a 15wt Fork Oil or ATF no detergents and have ingredients to preserve the seals.  May have a set of seals in the spares box fingers crossed! Even if I do they maybe for the other bikes, the 74 has the narrower 34mm tubes.

Want to get my hands on a 60ml syringe, length of brass or stainless tube and some clear hose and make one of these suckers up for adjusting the fork oil level.

While the front end is of I will polish the down tubes and clean the front wheel as I will have already done the rear wheel.

4. Look into what can be done about the rear shocks and swapping them over.

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