Saturday, 16 July 2011


Got the bike out today……….The no kick cold bike!   (Kick it 20 times won't start with ignition on. )

Well it is a little warmer today but still a winter one! .Dry weather for working in the street on my bike. The battery was fully charged 13.3V Just for reference. (Step 1) 

Lost the damn terminal nut so had to make a new one, how annoying, simple jobs are never simple! 

I choked the bike, opened both petcocks, stood the bike up, give three prime kicks……turned ignition on, gave it another kick, whalah! Fired right up……. 

So guys I now have a method to kick start cold that seems to work.  Thanks to the guys over at for the tips.

Hope fully this will help until I get my battery issues sorted…… 

I don't know what is flattening the battery I bought a new batt, and after taking the bike for a ride with a few stop starts the bike gets harder and harder to start until it is dead! So I know it is not the battery at fault.

Not sure if it is a charging issue, or the elec start is just draining the *#@** outta the battery. 

Did the feeler guage test today (Step2) and it slaps the tank when turn the ignition switch. 

If your regulator and rotor are working the feeler gauge should slap the case when the magnetic field is created in the rotor. If nothing happens or the magnetic effect seems really weak then go on to the next test.

Not sure what to look at from here. 

In Curlys test it says if it fails move to step 3. What if it passes? Does that mean the issue is someplace else? Or should I still follow on the steps? 

I don't have a soild state regulator stock on my bike as it is a 74 they didn't come with them! 
I have 2x Bosch coils so they have been upgraded, and I picked up one of Hughs PMA second hand unused, (not fitted)….. 

Reread Curly's test….. I jump to Step 6 - Stator Checks.  Not sure I know how to follow this one..

I am at the point I would pay someone to come around and sort this out with me…..Don't want to pay a shop cos that way I won't learn!!! 

Totally at a loss! Probably simple to someone in the know……..THAT'S NOT ME!

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  1. Check the valve clearance after it's warmed up. Maybe they are to tight which makes for hard starting when warmed up.