Friday, 29 July 2011

To Do or Not To Do……..That certainly is the question!

Well pulled the mufflers off and the do have some sort of internal wall which I assume is a baffle of some kind……Still they are too loud to pass so I can easily throw so steel wool in behind the wall and it wont shoot out the pipe with hard acceleration, may still burn up but at least there will be no shooting fire balls………..just hope I don't go up in flames!  Will put em in for RWC and take em out again right after. I like loud pipes……Loud Pipes Save Lives!

As  for the rear wheel it has beaten me temporarily…I don't have a center stand on my bike and I tried to get t up on blocks but that isn't a job for one person, this is a heavy bike man!  I didn't feel like having it fall over either.

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