Saturday, 23 July 2011

FK-N Harley Branded Wanna be's

Went up to Peter Stevens (Big chain bike dealer & Harley Distributor) today just to take the scooter out for a ride and to have a look at some Draggin Cargos (Kevlar lined).

Ok so I am riding a Vintage YAMAHA chop with a questionable paint job depending on your tastes!

F*ck me all the hard ass wanna be's in their harley jackets with their harley shirts, harley boots, bandannas, caps, even harley handbags on the women, bet they even wore harley jox……  All looking at me like I was a alien with purple skin.  Some dick even rolled up on a brand new mercedes wearin his HD branded shit….. An I am the one getting funny looks…….

Hell I was the only one kick startin his bike!   I think that makes me more biker than any of them!

The other week down at Kustom Lane (local bike, hot rod & lowbrow art event). I fitted right in with the Harleys, Yams, Vincents, Cafes, Chops an Hot Rods the Guys from the Immortals (Outlaw Biker Gang) didn't look twice at me……But obviously the bolt on weekend warrior Harley brigade are to good for me and my ride…….….

That's my vent……….

On another note I discovered I can't kick start up hill……….When on a steep incline the kick start lever has no compression/resistance. Soon as  I turned her side ways all was good.

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