Sunday, 17 July 2011


I got someone a little more experienced with bikes to give me hand today and we ran through Curly's list.  

Thanks for the help Warren. Very generous with his time!

Step 1. Charged her up and rode over, wasn't a fun trip she was running like a pig, farting, cursing and stalling.
Step 2.  Got Slapped
Step 3. Did anyway..
Step 4. Did anyway
Step 5. 5.66 ohms Between slip rings just over range (negligible) Passes test 1&2.
Step 6. 11.5-11.8 AC Volts  Within range 

Stator Bush @ Idle 11.2-11.7 ohms, drops when revving engine.
Battery @ High RPM  13.2V
Lights on @ idle Drop - 0.2-0.4

Summary the system seems to be functioning……..however there is a bit of a loss through the system.  So maybe the amount of short runs, stoping & Starting the bike is not getting a chance to charge up???

Sanded the battery connectors, to get a little more conductivity.  Thinking maybe a PMA will help & more kick less, elec starter.

Warren also adjusted the idle speed up so she behaved like a lady and rode beautifully home, no farting or stalling. Which was a good thing since it was the first time I have ridden in the rain and at night on the bike and many years since I have done so on any bike.

I was supposed to check the battery charge when I got home. But I was freezing cold, soaked, and in need of a piss. So regrettably I didn't.

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