Thursday, 9 June 2011


I just sized my rear fender against the frame and I don't think it fits right!

I have a Elswick Hardtail: (You can read dramas I had with that earlier in the blog)

Yamaha XS650/TX650 Hardtail 1974-1982 For 180/200mm Rear Tire XS1665W
This hardtail will fit all Yamaha XS650 and TX650 models built between 1974 and 1985. This hardtail is wider than stock at the rear to accept a 180 or 200 rear tire on a 5.5" Harley wheel with the use of an offset drive sprocket or a wide tire kit. 
1" diameter x .120" wall seat tubes and lower tubes
3/8" thick axle plates with a 3/4" axle slot
Includes stainless steel axle adjuster bolts and detailed installation instructions


I have a 5.5" x18" rear wheel and a 9" wide fender.

The frame is over 10" wide between axles. I thought the fender should be a snug fit not have over an inch gap??

I was told the 9" fender is correct for a 200mm tyre.    Where did things go astray???

over 25.. or an inch gap

260mm Between Axle plates

9" Fender

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