Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I got PROOF!

So I have booked in for Monday to get my Roadworthy Certificate finally!

I have proof that indicators are not required on my bike as it is a 1974 which pre dates the requirement for indicators which came in June 1975………
See paragraph in bold.

Took the bike out for a spin this evening and she is a temperament lil bitch…..I am starting to find neutral. But if I am still in gear when I pull up I can't get it and only sometimes when rolling or when the engine is off.  I am having issues starting the bike still.

Can't kick start it cold, and take heaps to get her to fire up from the battery.  If I stall the bike cos I missed neutral, it is still hard to elec start but will often fire up with one kick.  I am happy about the kick as I don't won't to be stuck at an intersection not being able to start.

Thinking here about getting a Pamco or Boyer system, and getting rid of the old electrics.  Need more info here.

The other thing that may come up for the RWC is the stop light doesn't work off the hand brake only the foot brake.

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