Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Had a terrible day today!

Decided to fit my new headlight.  Plan was to put a rubber grommet into the back o the housing to prevent the rough metal edge from cutting the wires. Remove screw cap joiners and use mini torch to solder the wires and cover in heat shrink. Plug in head lamp, use dermal to cut notches for locating tabs. Take battery off charger, test head light and go for a spin.
Original blown headlight with massive crack in it. Also not 'E' marked so wouldn't have passed RWC.

Had to drill out hole in housing to ½" take the grommet, and gave it a little polish while it was out.

Original wiring, under the balk tape on both the red wires is a stripped section of bare wire.  Also you can see the sharp hole the wires were coming through.

Grommet Fitted.
Minitorch was out of gas so after an hour of moving boxes to get to the cupboard and then more time looking through said cupboard I found the butane refill.  Filled torch but the little F@#ker would not stay a light. So much for soldering the wires.  Ended up trimming the wires and found they have some stripped sections which I covered in heat shrink and used a cig lighter to shrink as the torch wasn't working. Stuck the sew cap joiners back on.
My Rewire job.

Comparison of the lights from the back. not the three tabs on the back of the new headlamp.
Got out the dremel and fitted a small cut-off wheel. Had the dremel for about 3 years now and never used it.  Bought for a previously abandoned project.  Had plenty of plans for it with the bike including engraving some parts. Plugged the dremel in an hit the power button wiz-stop! Tripped the circuit breakers and dremel is dead! So there goes notching the housing for the headlight tabs.

Threw the battery back in the bike off the charger, No juice!  The tail light comes on, no head light no even a tickle when I try to start the bike.  Jumped on the kicker about a dozen times no go either!
New Semi Sealed Head Lamp Installed.  No to keen on the flat edge that runs around the outside. But couldn't find a nice curved lens like the original with an 'E' mark.

Packed my shit up in disgust and called it a night!

Still don't understand if there is an electrical problem or the battery is just buggered?

So still no closer to getting a RWC!

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