Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The postman arrived toady with two boxes from the USA one for me and one for my little lady which also turns out will be for me.  She has bought me some “ride Bells” aka “Gremlin Bells”  one for each bike to keep me safe……………How cool is that!

So what is in the big box????  Well it is the Holy Hardtail!   

To sum things up with how the process went with Elswick Cycles over my hardtail.

The Bike arrived today the 6/7/11,  According to the Label it was sent 21/5/11.
So it took 2wks to get here.

However it was supposed to be dispatched as soon as payment for shipping was made which was on the 5/5/11…two weeks earlier.

Also the order is incomplete………….I purchase included a Slug for the backbone when I cut and rake it. It didn’t come, another promise by Robert that wasn’t delivered.

Contacted Robert and ordered way back in Feb & pad for it as requested, Was told he was going to make it on April 15,  Got a request for payment of shipping on May 5th would be sent as soon as I paid which I did same day, and most of it arrived today June 7……………4mths……

The welds look good to me and I am keen to have a play with it.  But my priority at the present is to get the lady register in my name so I have a ride while I build the bikes.

Hopefully it is straight and fits well and I can forget about all the headaches and ride the F-Outta the Bitch!!!


  1. After you purchased the hardtail you asked if I could send a plug with the hardtail. I said yes I could send it for free but after this I saw you talking trash on forums so I decided to send only what you paid for. Send me a copy of the paid invoice showing that you purchased a plug for the backbone and I will send one out.

    As far as the wait goes, it did not take four months for us to build and ship your hardtail out. You contacted me while we were in the process of moving and you were very persistent about placing an order. I explained to you that we were moving and the lead time would be longer than normal.

    I hope the hardtail works out for you and I look forward to seeing the finished product but please stop telling lies about me and my company on the internet!
    Thanks, Robert - Elswick Cycles

  2. Wow after sending multiple emails to Robert re status of the hardball and a lengthy discussion in the forums with multiple members having the same issues of no response to emails and/or phone calls in their case for the locals. Robert manages to find my blog and make comment?

    Robert what about the lack of communication on your part?

    As for talking tarsal on the forum all I did was post updates of my attempts to communicate with you, the delays, and my hopes the product would be worth it. You don't seem to remember the praise given to your reputed quality????

    Also the is no mention of long delays…I have all the emails to prove it!
    No lies mate just the facts……..Is there any insults, name calling nope just dates and Facts!

  3. Of course I have no invoice re the plug. As robert requested I order through his website which doesn't facilitate this, however it was discussed and agreed to prior to order I believe (can check up on this in my emails) especially since he didn't communicate much after order was placed.