Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Battery Arrived today!

Ok so my new batty arrived today its an SSB.  Swapped her over and boom she fired right up! Even though she has been sitting out under a tarp in the F'n Cold!  It's bloody freezin today….

Speaking of cold……I found out that batteries are temperature sensitive and cold weather tends to kill them.. So when a battery is on its last legs it will generally fail when the winter starts.  So the battery in the bike might have been enjoying the QLD WEATHER AND SUICIDED WHEN IT EXPERIENCED MELBOURNE WINTER!

Took her for a quick spin around the block cos it was raining and she stalled on me (Cos I missed neutral again) and was a bitch to start again. In fact I though I was goin to have to push her home and it ain't flat ground around here that's for sure!

So I still have some questions as to what is the cause.

Well with the new battery I was able to test my head light and made some more discoveries.  The switch on the elec box under the seat has three positions. Since the headlamp was broken when I got her I assumed it was off/Low/Hi  well it aint so.  It is off/tail light, speedo light/headlight. The hi/lo is still on the bars.
Really weird way of doing things to my mind.

Also cleared some space in the garage and bought her in………….Will see if she is allowed to stay or the bike & I get the boot out in the street???

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