Thursday, 2 June 2011


Joined the YAMAHA XS-650 CLUB of AUSTRALIA today


$35/Year or $30 with email newsletter only. Discounts if you join for multiple years at once.
Also get a free T-Shirt and club badge!

Cleared up the spark plug question:

Apparently there are two types of spark plug caps. Ones that fit the  terminal stud (thread) and ones that fit the terminal nut (small screw nut tip) ………..It is the Nut we are used to seeing most often.  It fact I had never seen one without the nut until yesterday.

Checked the Caps and I have an:
 LB05F on the left hand Side
 LD05F on the Right Hand Side

Which makes them a stud type according to the table above. Which was supplied by 5twins on the forums.

A Bit of Light on the Issue:

Found out that the Wagner head lamps are not approved here. Therefore no CE stamp on them no RWC for bike.

I can buy other brand 5¼" sealed lamps to fit, or I can fit a semi sealed lamp where I can change bulbs without throwing the lens each time.  This seems like a better idea as it will allow me to carry a spare globe.  With a sealed unit you could get stranded at night with no light or way to change over on the road.

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