Monday, 13 June 2011

Quick Touch Up

Well the battery is on the charger yet again…….The bike is always flat when I go to start it and still not sure wether it is a shit battery or a short etc…

Still researching the best battery to get but need to bite the bullet and grab one soon.

Been unsuccessfully chasing the semi sealed 5¾" headlamp.  I have located a sealed headlamp and may just have to go with that for the time being.  

I di pick up some heat shrink, and rubber grommets to use when I change over the headlamp to tidy things up.

Grabbed a rattle can today to do a quick tidy up of some of the parts to make her look a bit more cared for. Hopefully this will help with the RWC.

The Newspaper bike!  Mummified the bike while I sprayed it.

Looks way better than all the chipped multi colored paint around the frame.

While I was at it I decided to give this a quick coat.  I painted part of the bars as they had really rough & rusty weld showing where the bars had been stepped down from 1" to ⅞"…..Tried to make it less noticeable.

Dunno what this is all about doesn't look like it belongs to an XS

The Beast!  A GMF Senior 8" bench grinder I picked up many years ago, with the intention of having  converted to single phase by my brother in law.  15yrs later still gathering dust.  Promises-promises.

Might just try and get a 3phase plug and wire it in.

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