Friday, 27 January 2012

Boxes, n Brass Bars

Scored a used tool chest of ebay for $66. This is a Heavy Duty 1-11 tool box. 
Quality steel with 6 draws and an accessory carry tray. 
Measurements are approx 670mm x 320mm x 380mm high. 
Smooth draw slides. 
Worth $300 new.
Few light scuffs in the paint and the key is missing.

On the way to get the box which was a pretty long drive. I passed a factory which buys scrap metal and also sells 
machining brass. Decided to call in on the way back. My eyes lit up at the sight of all that scrap metal.  I had sat 
in the car for a bit before going in and worked out what sort of sizes I would need for, grips, pegs, risers etc.
Went up to the counter and asked for some pricing she said you know we only sell 6m lengths. 
I said well Shit that stuffs me then.
Then she suggested I look through the scrap.  

The scrap is anything from Grandma's old candle stick holder to various length bar, slab and block. Price on brass 
was $7/Kg, and Aluminium $6/Kg. I thought that made the brass sound better. Not sure if these are good prices or 
not but seemed ok from what I remembered.
Scrounged through what they had and found a few pieces and dropped $231 well that was the last of my savings.

I figured though that if I was to buy a set of 4" brass risers they would set me back at least $300 bucks and I have 
enough to make about 3-4 sets from the large hex bar.
Also got enough of the large round for maybe 6 sets of grips, Small hex pre-bored, for 2-3 sets (foot pegs, 
pillion pegs, gear lever, etc), and i can't even remember what the other bits were for now. Have to measure em up 
again to jog the memory.  Also picked up a massive 50mm shell casing. Plenty of possibilities for it from fuel cap 
to taillight.

So set out to save some money on a used bargain box and came home broke having spent a small fortune!  
Maybe I can make a few extra sets and sell some to recoup my finances………...

Now I have to get those damn belts for the lathe and start turning!!!

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