Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why do I live in the nanny state…..

Here is another stupid example of Vic policy.

You can fight in a ring where you can slip through the ropes but you can't fight in a mesh walled octagon… Same sort of walls as as now required around a kids trampoline..
It is not the fighting style which is banned just the type of "ring"

Again what are people basing their rulings on???

Similar to knives, can't have fancy, expensive, antique, collectable knives because they are weapon, just police reports prove it is domestic kitchen knives that are nearly always used in knife related crime….
If I can afford a $1000.00 collectable knife why would I need to rob someone? Back in my grandfathers day it was normal for kids to carry pocket knives to school. Legitimate uses cutting fruit, whittling etc. Now you must be part of a gang or a criminal out to hurt people if you have even a swiss army knife.
No Swords in vic, even non edged decorative ones require a police permit annually @ over $300 per item last time I checked. Which makes it near on impossible to be a cost effective collector.

Justification is Knife crime is on the increase. Well so is the population on the increase, so is general violence on the increase.  How ever if you look at the statistics without bias you will see that knife crime is down in the last 40 years or so per head.  In other words in as a percentage of the population knife crime is seriously less than is was say 40yrs ago.

Why is VIC such a nanny state?? Why is ACT where all pollies live the most liberal?? Fireworks, XXXX rated porn, etc which is illegal else where is ok there…

i don't condone criminal acts, nor acts of violence but there are legitimate uses for all tools, and knives are included.  When working as a photographers assistant I am required to carry a Multi tool (e.g. Leatherman) so I can modify, or repair equipment and sets. Now if I hook this on my belt and forget about it and get pulled over riding home or, walk down to the local shops I can be arrested and charged.

Don't think you can get away with that baseball bat in your car you bloody crim because that is illegal also. Same with the fishing knife in the tackle box you left in the boot, or the sling shot your kid made with a bit off a tree and a rubber band.  Please let a bit of common sense and trust in the public prevail and loose these knee jerk reactions.  have you seen the movie Footloose, either the new version or original.  The town bans music & dancing because there was a car crash after the school prom and 5 kids died in the accident.  Well this is just as reactionary and irrelevant.

Will we ban boxing lessons, martial arts, or even football. These all teach people how to use their bodies as a weapon, and promote aggressive behaviour….Or do they provide an outlet in a safe environment for testosterone, teach self defence and the need not to fight?  All depends or your perspective and level of enlightenment doesn't it.
Same thing with these regulations on vehicles which make it almost impossible to adhere to.  My old Automotive Design lecturer would say there is not a vehicle made and on he roads that can meet the Australia Design Rules. Simply because they are to strict and even contradict in may cases.  So how do we get massed produced cars on the roads?? Well they pay the government for dispensations.  So what about the small business guy trying to develop something well, he better have deep pockets for set up, tooling, design, engineering and then double that to have a bit to pay for your permits and assessments, pollution, noise and other testing required then pay the gov their bit.

Lets not even start on the red light & speed camera that are there for road safety, not revenue raising.  I used to work with some cops and they told me that on the accident report, they had to always tick the box speed as a contributing factor. Why well it helps the statistics sway the way the gov wants and well if something wasn't moving there wouldn't have been an accident.  Could be a stationary car hit buy a run away shopping trolley. Speed was a major factor in the accident.

Lock the hoons up, drink drivers etc. But seriously I got booked for clearing an intersection which I had been sitting in the middle of on the bike waiting for a safe opportunity to finish my right hand turn. Because the light had turned red by 0.4 of a second by the time the intersection had cleared and I could get the bike moving and finish the turn.  I often spend more time watching the speedo than I do the road scared I will get booked than more than I am of crashing and being killed.  You can get booked for being 3kms over the limit.  My old bike vibrates so much the needle can bounce around anything like 10kmh, Change the tyres on your car and you can be out more than 3kmh easy. What about different after market rims?  Well you should have your speedo recalibrated and regularly tested also drive 5kmh under the designated speed just for safety.

What about improving the condition of the roads, promoting advanced driving or defensive driving courses. How about getting people to pay attention when their on the roads, instead of lulling them into sleep with nanny conditions and false sense of safety.

What about stoping the propaganda machine and actually serving the publics interest which is what you job actually is. "Democracy".  What if we charged all the politicians with fraud who don't live up to to their election promises.  If I lie on my job application I can be charged, why not them?

Stop trying to protect us from ourselves and let people learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Bring in tougher penalties for serious crime, and let people go about their business with out all the petty laws and red tape.

There will be a ban on farting soon cos it usually offends someone!

Rant over………….

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