Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Dr is in…Just a little Snake oil!

Bali Harley Doctor….

Meet Snake…….

Ok this is a different local snake…..

This is Snake the Harley Dr.

His personal V-Rod

And his crazy turbo machine!

The shop girls.

Met snake an expat who lives and works in Bali, he's been there full time for over 3years I think he said.
Has a mix of possibly original HD merch and some local takes on it.  I got me a leather biker wallet of the local type.  It is a one room shop and workshop, bike lifts with half assembled harleys at the rear, merch and rental bikes down the body of the shop and a bar complete with stripper pole opposite the sale counter at the front.

Where can ya find snake???

Although Snake has these two HD beasties to ride and a stable of HD for rent………..His daily ride appears to be a HondaTiger with a big bore and orange and black paint job to feel a bit more HD like!

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