Friday, 6 January 2012


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I just don't get it…………WTF?  Why would you put modern sports bike front end on an old school style  rigid bike?  I have seen this done on numerous builds and just the design and performance of the modern forks are an improvement. But if your going to take that argument why did you just chop the rear suspension off, you should at least built a soft tail.  Visually just plain wrong it kills the aesthetic and make the bike look un planned. Good design balances out form & function.

Feel free to explain this to me……..if you can find a reason to justify it.

Build what you want, it's your ride and you are the one one who has to like it……..I don't!!!

Rant Over!


  1. cause some peoplez iz IJUTS

  2. Why build something you can't ride 500 miles in a day and still walk? But hey, I was 19 once...