Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Totally Confussled………….Stages of Evolution

The evolution of my frame design has gone in every direction.  Part of the reason I have been wandering with it is my desire too make a larger bike out of it as I find the standard XS looks a little bit small with me on it.
My Original concept, fairly basic.

Gone from BOB to Chop

There was another radical version after this. But I just couldn't rationalise the compound bends in AutoCad to do the plans up for the fabricator.
So I have come back to this. Added a girder front end cos I have to make it difficult for myself some how!!
Hoping hat air gap above the motor won't look quite so big, the tank maybe larger and I don't know if the motor is to scale.  I am thinking to keep the two front down tubes and resist the temptation to go to a single.

I think my problem is I keep getting inspired by cool bikes that are of such radically different styles and I want to build one of each but change direction before I even get started building one.  

Oh Yea of Little Attention Span!

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