Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Holy Side Cover Bashing!

Decided to play around in the shed yesterday and do a bit of bashing.

This is just a rough test run to see what it would look like and if it works ok then I can make up some tooling, mould, jigs, what ever you want to call them.

It was a piece of silver anodised aluminium so I wan't sure if it would be too brittle and crack.
I had this large lump of brass with a steel centre I use to hold me nuts so I don't loose em……Get yer mind outta the gutter boys! It is impossible to knock over it's really damn heavy.  It was a bit small in diameter than the cover but close enough. I then took to it with a BFH, followed by brass mallet and rubber mallet. First to get a bit of shape then to smooth it out a little.  Worked ok. With a slightly thicker piece of regular aluminium and a rounded mould I think I could get a pretty good item next time.

I am thinking to put some holes in it & the cover then back them with stainless mesh and a then black sheet to keep the dirt out.

While going through my hammers looking for some beaters, I found this little hammer come hatchet.
idea is to clean her up put some carvings in the handle. A nice stain and oil treatment then make some hangers to put on the bike for those road rage times! Nah actually for the road trips where I camp out. Could come in handy hey.

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