Thursday, 5 January 2012

Shed Built Kustoms Krew

Thinking about starting a crew…..

I was in talks recently with a mate and we were saying it be good to get together a bunch of people who are into shed built stuff, bikes, cars, knives, machinery etc.  The cool DIY type who produces crazy stuff.

For example I'm into my bikes now, but in the past I have done furniture making, knife making, and I am getting back into foundry work doing castings.  I have a background in Industrial Design and can do CAD work.  I have done basic machining on a lathe but am no expert, I can't weld either, I've had one intro lesson.  My mate on the other hand has been a fitter and turner for many years so he has that skill set plus more.  Neither of us can lay proper paint, or turn a sheet of steel into a tank, as far as I'm aware but both would like to try our hand at it.

My point being I've got a unique set of skills, so does Hap, so do you. Yeah sure there will be some over lap but we can all learn of each other or trade services with someone more skilled.

For example, I got to do some castings recently because I made contact with a guy who had just built a furnace but hadn't done much in the way of casting.  I hadn't done any in 15years and only have limited experience. But I could teach him a few tricks and in return got to access to his furnace.

If it wasn't for Hap I never would have gotten my bike on the road, the dude has been instrumental in getting different jobs done. He hasn't done it for me but he has coached me along and provided guidance. Well actually he did do the welding for me cos we decided it be quicker! After my intro lesson mentioned earlier!  In return I have helped him move his shed and gotten him inspired to resurrect his bike project.  In the process we have become good mates.

The idea is to have a few shed days go for a ride or cruise and then a BBQ and look over someones project. Build a network and friendship and pick everyones brains and knowledge banks to get that Hot Rod, Chopper or Special project done. In the future it may spread to a website & forum, or link into an existing one, but for now it is a casual gathering of like minded individuals.  If you are a full on rock-a-billy, patch wearing biker, or weekend mad scientist it's all the same to us as long as your attitude is good and your open to sharing knowledge, lending a hand to wrench, or just a keen learner starting out who can turn a few snags on the BBQ.

Open to members of all other existing groups, forums and clubs, not trying to overtake any other organisation, just get a few blokes and/or lasses together.

If your in VIC and this sounds like something you'd be interested in leave a comment with a contact email or email me direct with your thoughts or expression of interest.


  1. Well looks like that holiday has envigerated you :) - Hap

  2. Yeah gotta make 2012 the year of getting shit done!

  3. Happy to help in the central Vic region if anyone's interested.

  4. Redmohawk ASF- Can you email me your contact detail???