Monday, 6 February 2012

Berwick Swap

So I went off to the Berwick Swap meet on sat...

 Sat 4th Feb Berwick Swap Meet,.Open 6am-3:30pm. Akoonah Park, Princes Highway, Berwick. (Melways map 111, H10.)

Well the missus decided she wanted to come along last minute for the ride cos it was such a nice day.  She would be bored of of her mind at the actual swap meet. This of course mean't I was later leaving than I had planned on.  Good stuff always gets picked up early.

We arrived at 12 noon and It must have been massive however they were already packing up, and every fourth stall had been vacated.  By 1pm it was pretty much gone so I didn't get to see a lot.  Since it is advertised to go until 3:30pm I thought that a bit poor on the organisers part that they let everyone leave in mass like that.

As we were leaving a large fella in all black, a patch covered leather vest, and a long white beard approached me helmet in hand. First words out of his mouth were "me bike been nicked".. Someone had stolen his road king and left him stranded.  He had called 000 and they just said go to you local station and report it.  Listened to his sorrows for a bit, but all in all there was not much I could do or suggest.  He had seen a mate walking around earlier and his car was still in the car park. So the fella was just going to wait by his vehicle until he returned and could bum a lift.

So it could have been quite good early in the morning, I guess it is not without it's risks and makes you wonder if there will be road king parts turning up at swap meets around Vic, and where do some of these guys get what they are selling??

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