Monday, 6 February 2012

Riser Lathe Practice

Moved a heap of crap that was stacked up so I could get to the big lathe today.  The Colchester Master 2500 with a 4' bed.  I haven't used this sucker since 1998?? Been scared off as last time I used it a chunk of steel flew out of the chuck clipping my ear and putting a hole in the roof.

Well time to face my fears!

Started of with a 2" bar, which I now have blisters from cutting with a rather blunt hacksaw. Took ages and a bit of sweat to get through. 

I have to  part it off at A
Then pore out the ⅞ hole C
Drill and tap the top clamping bolts.
Finally finish parting off B.

Lastly, attempt to make a duplicate for a matching set.

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