Monday, 27 February 2012

More Loot……….

Few more bits of the loot from Sat at the swap……….

Some solid brass petcocks with unknown threads. ONe with brass screen, Apparently they came this way  from good old England! Which would lead one to guess they may be to suit a british cycle.  Can always turn up some adaptors.

Looks right just hope it is correct size for the colchester.  At $20 it was the second most expensive item of the weekend.  Yes I'm a cheap bastard!!!!!!

Boring Bar, Big Ass British 1"Spanner (To Be pin Striped),  31/32" Drill with the boring bar will get 1" riser holes, and a ⅞"Drill for the ⅞ bars. Jar of small metric sockets (the ones you always loose), and lastly an authentic old skool welded chain number plate surround. 

There is one more score left to show and I'm keeping the best for last!!!!! Stay posted!

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