Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Great Continent….

The Size of Things

How big is Australia most foreigners have no real concept of our country especially size. 
Now when you look at these comparisons you can see why we drive an hour to work every day.

If you're talking population, then we are only small. 
The size difference between USA & Australia, is marginal but USA has a population of 312m.
France has 65m, Germany 81m, Spain 46m, and the UK has 62m.
Judging by the map, you could put all of Europe and the UK into Australia with change left 
over and that combined is a population of 564m people . Australia's current population is 22m.
We do like to spread out on the couch, get a little edgy in crowds, and we like our own space. 
Because we got heaps of it and we can.


  1. Just to let you know: a big chunk of Russia, also Ukraine and Belorussia which are quite big countries by European standards are in EUROPE. Europe ends not at the eastern border between Poland and Belorussia and Ukraine but at the Ural Mountains which are 3000 km. to the East!!!! Europe is bigger than Canada: 10 180 000 square km. vs. below 9 900 000 square km. and Australia is 7 693 000 square km. So NO, you wouldn't be able to put all Europe and UK into Australia.

    1. You've not heard of Continental Europe? Shame, because if you had, you'd know that does fit into Australia.