Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sick & Twisted

Spoke to my frame builder today and due to the nature of the complex bends in my design, he would have to out source the bending to a CNC bender. $800 inc materials.  just for the bends  :-(  Not happy with that.

Might have to throw in the towel after all that work. Just don't have that kinda cash.

In the spirit of bending metal, here is a seriously BENT bike………

This bike is named Sick n Twisted, because it was built around a twisted front down tube. Peter Chumley spent two years constructing the motorcycle, which features a Harley Davidson twin-cam 1450cc motor, and a one-off frame, tank and bars.

All chassis components are built using stainless steel, which Chumley has then painted or polished to achieve the final look.

I thought maybe it was named Sick n Twisted, because it took a sick and twisted mind to like the way it looks!
Points for different, point for unique, negative score for proportions, taste and everything else.

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