Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Swap loot Part .1

Billet Grips, Guy wanted $10, thought they must be chromed plastic chinese copies, offered $5 and got them while walking away noticed the Arlen Ness logo on em…Score!

Got these two bars as a pair. The drag bars are ⅞" (new with labels) and the low rise trackers are 1" and mega thick gauge. They also have stainless bar end insets recessed in and with a threaded hole.

Another $5 which was way cheaper than the $40 they were going for everywhere else. Hoping I can rig this up to fit a headlight for the cafe-racer.

Go these single pegs for $5 the lot.  The  Rocky one is cat aluminium so figure I can have a crack at casting a few from it as a pattern to get a full set. And maybe try the same with the others.

Few more items to add that are still in the boot of the car so didn't get to take any happy snap yet.

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  1. Hi, what are those headlight stone guards and where can I get some? They're absolutely perfect for what I need.