Thursday, 8 November 2012

VIC - Compliance Plate

ADR Compliance Plates

ADR Compliance Plates simply certify that when the vehicle was first built it met all the applicable ADRs at the time. Compliance Plates are not vehicle identifiers (even though they now carry the VIN) and should not be used as such as they are just too easily removed and replaced without evidence. On older vehicles they were useful to find out just which ADRs applied but this is no longer the case as there are too many ADRs to include on the plate.
In Victoria, once a vehicle has been registered there is no legal requirement for a compliance plate as it then serves very little useful purpose although its absence might arouse some suspicion and cause the vehicle to be looked at more closely.
When carrying out a test for a RWC the VIN marked or plated on a major structural part of
the vehicle should be used as the prime vehicle identifier and the presence or otherwise of a compliance plate should in no way influence the issue of a RWC.

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