Monday, 12 November 2012

Modz vs Rockers 2012

Got the bike out and had my fingers crossed all was well after last night.

Rode down to Bright Beach nice ride, it was a sunny and warm morning. Pulled into the car park and there was already masses of bikes and people, great atmosphere to set off with.

Pulled out the Camera and started shooting. 

This is the same seat as mine, love the little bolt on cowling.

There were Plenty of XS650 there I think I saw at least 10 , 1 bobber (Dallas's bike) & my bike were the only modified ones and the rest either original condition finds or full restos. Unfortunately I only got to talk to one owner as most were not with their bikes. This also went for many bikes I know from Forums and Blogs…..Besides that I am better at recognising peoples ride than the owners lol. Spoke to a few guys online last night who were there that also said if they knew I was there they would have come say hi. Conclusion I think everyone who goes to these events should ave to wear a T-Shirt with their name and various handles/nicknames on them so we can go ….Oh your the fella on such an such……….Maybe I will get one for the Bendigo Swap meet

There were some very cool old vintage bikes, cafe racers, classic choppers to full billet, and even dressed up scooters.   Note to scooters YOU DON"T OWN TH E ROAD!! 
Where the bikes could ride well in the pack the the scooters would bock the entire run with one scooter they just were near impossible to pass or share space with.  I guess these guys either were not experienced riders in general or just hadn't ridden in a group before. I think their daily ride must be a Volvo. These were not patch wearing Crusaders or the restored, dressed scooters, and were probably just some ring-ins to be fair.

The ride finished at Kustom Lane Gallery and Janet & Tony Peake rocked it with their venue opening up the back area for the band (formerly Tony;s other business premises).  This allowed some respite from the sun and heat of midday.  Everyone need to get on Tony's case about keeping the premises and turning it into a events venue for the Kustom Scene.  So support the place and book it for your next event.

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